CarolI got an encouraging note last month from Carol, who lives in Upper Michigan. It sounds like she’s doing great on the verses. (“Sure,” the cynical among you will say. “She lives in the U.P. What else is there to do?” Well, for your information, the Upper Peninsula is like a great big wonderful playground, and there are any number of distractions for all but the most disciplined. Now, if she lived in the city, she’d have a good excuse to stay inside and study verses all day…)

“Thanks for all the hard work you are putting into our Psalm Pilgrimage. My friends and I are enjoying it so much – even with the challenges. Dann (from Cooks Congregational church) and I are continuing to listen to each other and keeping each other on target. Jean from Manistique Bible Church is learning in the KJV and thoroughly enjoying expanding her mind! Kathy, a CEF missionary friend from Kenya, is learning in the NIV and keeping all of us in touch and memorizing!

I run your verses off and put them in a plastic sleeve so I can prop them up by the sink as I do dishes, in the laundry room while I fold clothes, and even on the treadmill as I walk! I have to say that my favorites so far are verses 15 and 16. This is a great cure for insomnia also – as soon as I start to go through my 16 verses I tend to fall back to sleep!”

Thanks, Carol! And thanks to your friends, too. Keep up the good work.

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