Looking for help on memorizing Psalm 119? You’ve come to the right place. That’s what we do.

We’re memorizing Psalm 119, too–eight verses per month for twenty-two months. We’d love to have you join us, whether you hope to get the job done in twenty-two months, in sixty, or in two. We’ll supply you with songs, games, memory tips, motivation, and information on the psalm itself.

Here’s what’s available so far:

About Psalm 119About Psalm 119
Why memorize Psalm 119? For starters, because that’s what
it’s there for. Here’a a short introduction to the psalm
and to the benefits that memorizing it offers.


alephAleph to Tau Notes
On this page we offer notes on each section of
Psalm 119, and page layouts designed
to help in memorizing them.


Here we offer links to–why, yes, Psalm 119 songs.
How did you know?


Your StoriesYour Stories
You might find you have something in common with
some of the others who are memorizing Psalm 119.
And if you have an encouraging story of your own
to share, this is a good place to share it.

Andrea is ten years old and has memorized all 176 verses
of Psalm 119. Seeing how she did it may give you some
memorization ideas that will work for your family.


Still to come
We’ll be adding pages on:
Memory Tips and Techniques
Special help for those memorizing with children
And our Hall of Fame, featuring the folks who get the job done.

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