DebyDeby is a good friend we met here in Pamplona. She lives in Madrid now, and will be moving back home to Panama soon; but she visits us once in awhile, and helps me every month with the Spanish translation of my Psalm 119 notes. She sent me this encouraging letter the other day:


I’ve fallen a little behind in my memorizing, but I haven’t given up!

I wanted to share that memorizing Psalm 119 continues to be a blessing.  I thought that it was going to be a monotonous task–a challenge that I would complete so I could brag about it with others and show them how dedicated I was. Ha ha!

Unexpectedly, the Lord has been speaking to my heart in each section.  And now that I have finished memorizing the Mem section, I have come to understand that it is really the word of God that will hold me and motivate me to choose the Lord’s ways before the attacks of the enemy.

These last couple of weeks, through TV shows that I watch, books that I’ve read because they’re popular, magazines, and media in general, I’ve seen how the world stuffs things into my head and keeps me from ‘”loving the Lord with all my mind.”  And if I’m not vigilant, I will get to a crossroads where I have to choose to obey or not.  If I have allowed certain rubbish in my mind, I will choose to disobey.

After I confess and forsake those thing, the word of God brings intellectual purity to my mind, and it reminds me of the Lord’s mercy.  Psalm 119 especially reminds me that God gives me the tools to remain in His ways.

Does this make sense?

Anyway, thanks for working in this project even if many of us fall behind in the memorizing. Praise the Lord, His word never returns void!

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